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Tips for browsing and buying
« on: October 04, 2009, 07:21:12 PM »
Here are just some general tips on browsing and buying,
to help make your experience of internet fish trading more smooth,
and enjoyable for everyone concerned:

1.)  Read the post thoroughly.
- Make sure to read the whole ad. before asking the seller a question that may already be answered in the ad.

2.)  Google it!
- If something strikes your fancy, or you’re unsure what it is. google the name it is being sold under. This will give you information on what the fish is supposed to look like, what tank conditions it needs, what temperament it has, etc. etc. If you’re still having trouble ask the seller.

3.)  Don't be a tank kicker!
- Make sure you are actually interested before you bother the seller, don't just annoy him/her because your bored and had a few to many beers... lol    :D

4.)  Confirm it, Before you go through with it.
- Confirm the price and details of your purchase before you pick-up, so as not to be disappointed on arrival.

5.)  Be polite and courteous.
- Be polite and courteous, you may want to buy of this seller again in the future.

6.)  Be sure to thank the seller.
- If you are happy with your purchase, be sure to thank the seller in their post.   8)

This is just a general list to get us started and will be revised and added to in the future.

Cheers for taking the time to read,
Now go enjoy your hobby!  :headbang: