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Do you hate tacky plastic decor, or have a fish who's fins gets ripped up on plastic plants and ornaments?

Want a beautiful planted tank without the hassle of plant maintenance? 

I can help!  I supply Premium FinSafe ceramic decor and very realistic silk plants which are not only visually more beautiful than normal plastic decor, but completely smooth. These are ideal and highly recommended for use with bettas & other long finned fish, & bottom dwellers which are prone to body injury on normal decor.   They also vastly reduce body scrape injuries and chances of fin damage to any fish variety. They are also great for bigger fish and cichlids who are diggers!  Also ideal for turtles and reptile terrariums. 

I'm just starting out so it would be great to get some business from serious fish lovers :). Please PM me or visit my facebook page for my stock list - I have a wide variety available.

All the plants are extremely life-like and highly pose-able to for limitless variation and combos, many featuring more little plants or roots on their smooth bases.  

Ceramic items are include Thai Buddhas, Asian pagodas and arbours, bridges (wood and stone), houses & various seashells, with more items in soon, including modern art for your tank! All pieces are ceramic and glazed using high temperature methods ensuring their safety in the aquarium, and have been aquarium tested for safety by Acumen Aquatics. 

Prices range from $9 to $26 - buy 3 or more items to get big discounts  :Thumbup:

Here's an example of several FinSafe items and an aquarium featuring two FinSafe 3-stem exotic plants (bent around each other for effect) and FinSafe Thai Buddha - inhabited by a lucky betta .

I am able to ship anywhere in Australia or elsewhere in the world.

If you're in Canberra, i'll happily deliver for free :).

For those in the ACT, I also provide aquarium and pond maintenance, assistance, installations, and designer aquascaping.

Lea, from Acumen Aquatics. :happywave:
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Premium decor and service - our fish deserve it!

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I think you are quite right.