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New Era Fish Food - SA
« on: November 27, 2012, 09:09:46 PM »
Just recently I was asked by Addicted2Fish to be the SA distributor for New Era fish food.

I was given an opportunity to try out the food when the food was newly imported and to give my opinion. I gave that in the thread I have made in another section. I was pleased to see that others around the country and in the UK have had a similar experience that I did in my own fish room.

I am often asked my opinion on different foods. I try to give an unbiased view and I don't not make a habit of telling people what to feed their fish. I believe that people will have prefereces with food and it is none of my business to tell them what to do. Now I have a commercial interest I am openly declaring that as I will not be accused of "trying to make a quick buck off the latest fad".

I have used and trialed a whole range of fish foods in my fish room. I have to give my opinion of different foods privately. I won't bad mouth other brands because I have used many with great success in my fish room. I agreed to distribute New Era without hesitation because I believe in the product.

I will not enter into any arguments about the quality of leading brands because they all have a good track record and many people have good results using them. I will also not enter into arguments about New Era because people far more knowledgeable than me have formulated this food. The fact that it is being used by professional and distinguished aquariums around the world, who have their own vets and nutritionists speaks volumes.

These are the benefits that I observed.

The soft pellet is an inovation that makes this food more flexible. I fed my peacocks the 1.5mm Rift Lake Red and then I could squeeze the pellets together to make a large pellet to feed my 10+ inch Venustus. With a regular pellet I'd need 2 different products.

I really had to feed sparingly compared to what I was used to. The fish eat and do actually get satisfied. You know when you have given too much food. This means that a tub of food will last longer and keep you fish in tip top shape if you do not over feed.

When I did my filter maintainence I was suprised because the filter sponge was not all slimy. It seemed a bit 'gritty' and was reasonably easy to clean. In addition my water did not get a red tinge when it came time for my partial water changes. The experts tell me this is because the fish extract more of the ingredients and leave less by-products behind in their waste.

The food has only aquatic ingedients. Not terrestial plant products as main ingredients. The only starch in it is just enought to bind the food into a pellet. This is the "shiny skin" on it. This means that the fish is digesting food that their digestive systems have evolved to process.

The food is designed as a premium food for die hard fish nuts.  I won't bang on about it ad neausium and I won't tell you what to feed you fish. I have already recommended people give it a good try out in my other thread. Give it a go. It should be available very soon in LFS's in SA, but if you can't wait I have seen it available online. Of course I would rather you support your local aquarium shop as they are the life-blood of the hobby. (Plus I don't earn a crust if you buy everything online  :ROFL: )