Author Topic: Howdy folks, looks like a cool place to be!  (Read 205 times)

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Howdy folks, looks like a cool place to be!
« on: December 05, 2017, 01:20:10 PM »
Thanks for the add, really looking forward to lurking the forum, looking at the pics, sharing the little knowledge I have, and of course stealing everyone else's great ideas.

Got a pretty big plant collecting addiction and that led me into aquaponics.
Once there I loved the whole idea, but didn't like the way most folks only commercially source their fry and don't breed their own, and really didn't like the heavy reliance on pellet and flake foods.

That led me into researching other aquarium fish species, and also into breeding more sustainable and environmentally sound fish foods like Vinegar eels, BSF, Daphnia, Moina, Simocephalus species etc etc etc.

Bit of a self-sufficiency nut at heart so like to do things my own way, and hey you never know what the future holds.
Even breeding native Fairy shrimps, Clam shrimps and Triops now just because I reckon they are super cool.

At the moment I breed basic stuff like spangled perch, freshwater prawns, yabbies etc, and my ornamental ponds mostly have livebearers and goldfish.

If any of you folks have any Cladocera not yet in my collection I would be happy to swap for any of my species.
Especially after any freshwater amphipod species!

I live at a little town near Gin Gin 4671, Queensland, Australia, so I can only ship live cultures to Australian states of QLD, NSW, ACT SA, VIC.
Resting eggs I can send pretty much anywhere worldwide except the Australian states of WA, NT, TAS.
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LOVE barter if you have a cool species that isn't yet in my collection>>>