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Please Read Before Posting!
« on: October 03, 2009, 08:39:36 PM »
The Owners/Administrators provide of their own good will as a tool in helping to connect breeders, wholesalers and importers with keepers, traders and hobbyists of the aquarium industry in Australia.  To promote the continued vibrancy and genetic strength of our beloved Fish, and to aid in general selling and trading.

That said, the Owners/Administrators of take no responsibility for personal opinions or language expressed on this site. Any deals made with any other party on this site are done at your own risk, although "dodgy dealers" can be reported to administrators/moderators and will be dealt with accordingly if proven to be "dodgy".

In other words the Owners/Administrators provide this site of their own good will as a TOOL for selling fish and hobby related products.  Please treat all members here with respect and keep this site a bully free zone.  :clap:

Few simple rules...

All new topics must start with:
*FS: (For Sale)
*WTB: (Wanted To Buy)
*EOI: (Expression Of Interest)
*FREE: (Free to good home.. obviously)

... please put 'SOLD' in the topic heading once the fish have been sold.

While we do encourage people to ask questions in the posts, we ask that you do not constantly bump your own posts... please only bump posts if you have new information that is relevant to the sale/acquisition.

Please put your location into your profile.

...and remember, the more people you send to, the more fish you buy and sell, so spread the word!!!
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